Having an Abundance of Water That Is Versatile And Convenient!

If you buy bottled water to drink at home or on the go, you will enjoy the convenience of a 5 gallon water bottle. These have many advantages. Obviously they hold more water than the standard one gallon water bottle, so they are more convenient to fill and transport. You won’t have to be constantly changing jugs on your water dispenser as one that holds five gallons will last a lot longer.

Most water dispensers that fill single gallon jugs also fill water containers of 5 gallons or more so you can easily fill your bottle with purified clean drinking water. You can take it with you camping or on your work site. You can even use it in your home as a source of drinking water.

The reason that large water bottles are versatile is that you can attach a spout to the bottom for ease of dispensing water, or place a hand pump on the top. You can even turn the bottle upside down on a water cooler for use at home or the office. As a bonus, for camping or sporting events, you can choose a collapsible 5 gallon water bottle that folds down flat for easy storage and then expands to hold enough water to keep the whole team hydrated.

When shopping, you should look for sturdy construction so the bottle will last a long time. Also choose one with a handle. When filled with water they are fairly heavy as five gallons of water weighs about 40 pounds. A handle makes it much easier to lift the bottle on and off the filling dispenser. You may also want to consider style, as being able to clearly see how clean and pure your water really is, they are usually more visually appealing than standard water jugs. If it will be sitting out in your kitchen, you want a bottle that looks good for the space you are filling as well.